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Default Boats, Boats, Boats, Boats

Not trying to beat a dead horse here BUT I need some opinions because clearly I can't think of everything.

I sold my classic 1976 mako 25 because a guy offered me asking price so I couldn't say no... I didn't have another boat in mind at the time when I sold it. All this happened 3 weeks ago.

I haven't been offshore fishing on my own for more than a few years now, but, I have ventured off with friends in larger boats to capture and acquire a new type of offshore fishing.... deep drop. That's all I want to do for the most part...

My mako here in Texas didn't have the fuel / fish box capacity to run 100 plus miles to the shelf to do that and honestly I just wasn't happy. I work a 28/28 rotation and this summer I could of gone so many days to the shelf to fish but just couldn't because my boat didn't really allow it.

I have narrowed it down to a few different options, but also take into consideration the deck layout, fuel economy, price stand point and size. my mako had a closed in transom and a bracket so it was 27'6" LOA. I am shooting for something about the same size or a little bigger.

Looking at:
Contender 25 open (28' LOA)
Contender 27 Open or T (30' LOA)
world cat 266 SF

The question is, if you were going to the OCS to deep drop what would you be in with a budget of 100k?