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Sorry for the delay - that put me behind the power curve on responses!

- To clarify, any talk from me about inboard implies diesel.
- Keeping my eye on world cat’s at this point. Based purely on what I’m seeing as far as layout and function, I’m liking what I see. Definitely need to put some eyeballs on these in person
- Good advice, and thanks, on finding gathering spots with different boats. Destin is a pretty good spot for that ��
- Patience I can do! I’ve been reading up for an embarrassingly long amount of time so far, and I actually mentioned to the frau this week that just because I said I’m close to ready to buy a boat doesn’t mean it has to be this year. (For reference, it took me two years to buy the right truck. But it’s perfect and everything I want.)
- Apologies for being a little off. The missus prefers no CC, not necessarily outlawed. I was just mentioning today that I’ve seen some CC’s that are such behemoths they offer a standup head, sink and some even with a spot for the kiddo to nap. (No such animal in our budget for an adult, but that’s not a looming requirement,)

We’re at the in-laws this weekend and heading to the Mobile boat show, so I can at least get a better frame of reference for some specific boat types and layouts. Not buying new, but looking at online photos skews one’s perception after a while. A 30 foot boat with a 10ft beam is a pretty damned big boat - easy to forget when you’re looking at thumbnail pictures.

And get me out of Mobile. My in-laws’ trawler is parked close to a beautifully fully restored from stringers to bridge Bertram 31 repowered with Cummins diesels. What a beautiful boat that I likely don’t need.

Edit: it’s this one. Bertram 31 And it isn’t in NOLA. I looked at it today at dog river marina in Mobile. It’s VERY clean.