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Originally Posted by biminibrad View Post
Beach club never coming back, variety of reasons. I am sure a new one will appear one day some where else.
That Beach Club property is ideal for a Fishing/Diving centric micro resort scaled for the property size.... Just takes vision, cash & the right owner. The property extends about 200-300 yards up the Port Royal canal as well as the bank side on either side of the entrance road. Both sides could be developed with a few two story townhouse with cut in slips/docks bellow, just like Great Harbour. Then revamp the marina, then the restaurant, pool area, Tiki huts & bars. Add a small shop for food/tackle/gear etc. like Big Games shop. Maybe also work in a great room above the restaurant with ocean/sunset views for larger gatherings, small weddings, fishing tournament award events etc. Rebuild the ocean front hotel with 20 rooms, in two stories as it was before. Run the path out to the SW along the rocky point with daybeds and thatched roofs like some of the cool beach clubs around the world. Last step, dredge the main marina channel more and use the fill to do a half moon around the main beach area for rough seas/wind/storm protection and add 10-12 over water bungalows like they do in Tahiti resorts. All the above separate units would individually feed revenue into the resort as each has its own potential revenue flow based on clients and time of year. With the clubs position for super quick deep water access west and the bank on the other side it would appeal to many "real" boaters/fishermen/divers and adventure type guests and they'd never have to leave the property. Plus the airport is on south with a 5-10 min ride. Yes, major infrastructure is required, power, freshwater, waste on and on and on. Devils in the details but all doable.

Yes I have been thinking about it for years.....Dreaming's free

This new Key Largo resort kinda has the "rough" idea/look I was thinking of-

Anybody have Jimmy Buffets phone number? Lol....Ok, back to work and reality ;(

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