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Originally Posted by Raybo Marine NY View Post
sorry i dont smoke

my car got hit over the summer , totaled, $42k payout. My insurance paid and went after them, driver was 100% at fault. No rate increase. Does not show up as I shopped a classic car policy 6 months later and didnt come up with them either

my wife has been rear ended, twice, both times called my insurance company right away because I rather not get the jerk job from the other company, again rate never went up.

so long as your insurance company subrogates and get paid from the other company, if you are dealing with someone with NO insurance then yes you will likely see a rate increase

BTW when it comes to boat policies Ive had customers put 2-3 claims with their same insurance company and did not see rate increases. Boat policies from respected marine companies are NOTHING like auto policies. Marine insurance are much better to deal with.
Originally Posted by Avid 24 View Post

Rates go up for a lot of reasons that are unrelated to accidents, tickets, incidents, etc. Absolutely. Pricing tier changes, credit scoring, company filed rate increases in a territory, market conditions. We write with about 25 carriers across a number of states, rates change a lot. Here in NY rates we rarely see flat renewals.
I find it hard to believe that after 3 claims your insurance has stayed the same. According to Avid he rarely sees flat renewals. I am always changing companies because I NEVER get the same or lower rate. Every year its the same song and dance when I call them. Oh rates went up, your paying for uninsured drivers, your city had alot of claims, your truck can cause more damage than a car and so on. I have been accident free and ticket free for as long as I can remember and never have a decrease in insurance. If not at fault accidents, dismissed tickets or anything not your fault then why do they always as if you have had any in the last 5 years? I dont see a insurance company handling hundreds or thousand of not at fault claims free of charge. I also find it hard to believe that none of your claims come up since they have for my wife's not at fault accidents. But hey more power to you for having the good fortune to be so lucky and not having a rate increase.
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