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Originally Posted by ToddR View Post
I've got some photos but I don't believe I've posted enough to post photos. Her insurance company just informed me that they haven't been able to get in touch with her to verify info even though I have a police report. They told me a claims adjuster would contact me within 48 hrs. That was the day before yesterday. Should I call twice a day? Help help!!
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Avid 24 is correct. I also deal with insurance on the collision side. If the person already all ready admitted it, fine. Keep up on phone calls to her insurance till you see someone, about once a day. Most will drag there feet, some adjusters are very understanding depends on the adjuster. If you don't here anything within 5 business days start blowing up there phones and keep going higher in the food chain. This will take some time. You can hand over copies of photos but not the originals.

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