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Originally Posted by ToddR View Post
I keep one of my boats stored in my parents driveway. Last week I was out of town and get a call from my mother that a car has run through their front yard and creamed the tongue of the boat trailer. The boat is now sitting on the trailer sideways and the trailer is definitely totaled. All tie down straps snapped off and the bow hook that the winch strap connects to is bent sideways. It was a lick to say the least. The prop drug the ground and I have no idea what kind of internal structural damage could have been done. There was no one home when all of this took place. There was a police report and a note from the driver left on my folks front porch. I called the driver of the vehicle and she informed me that her car was totaled and that she was very sorry etc. I've filed a claim with her insurance company (Allstate) and I am now starting to see the beginnings of a total headache. Have any of you guys had a similar experience? I have called my own insurance company and they are just telling me to call hers. How long should I wait before I just take out a claim with my insurance company and let them hash it out with hers? Any ideas on what I should be expecting? Any help or insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Take a deep breathe

These things happen

Lucky for you have someone admitting fault, you have their contact information, you have her insurance information, you have a police report

Go get estimates for everything, get a surveyor if necessary

What are the minimums a driver must carry in your state? Are you able to ask the person what coverage limits they had?

I would expect this to take some weeks to work out and get a check. You can speed things up by having all of your estimates and what your want money wise ready and submitted. Do not forget to account for tow assistance getting the boat on another trailer, storage fees, disposal fees, etc. If you get push back, let us know. There are plenty of ways to apply pressure (if needed). There is no reason to file with your carrier.
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