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Originally Posted by HTJ View Post
All of my friends love venison but I'm not going to bring two buddys, the wife and kids and shoot everything on the lease for that reason.
Because it would be illegal. I'm not sure how that's analogous to what's being discussed in this thread.

In this thread:
  • Someone caught a lot of fish;
  • Someone else isn't happy about it and wants that to stop;
  • Others agree; and
  • Others think there needs to be a law against catching fish legally.
I would caution you guys against attacking fishermen for catching fish that are legal to catch.

The feds apparently want to shut down every fishery we have already. Additionally, the fisheries the feds manage in the Gulf are managed terribly.

You guys need to be careful what you wish for. I feel certain someone 15-years ago posted that they saw someone with a legal limit of snapper and that nobody needs that much meat.
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