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The ones opposing regulation on them will be the first ones screaming at NOAA for regulating them. I seem to remember a pic a few years back of a small boat in Louisiana that had the decks covered in triple tail, and it was shortly after that was posted that the regulations on the species came rolling down and I personally am happy that it did. Regulations catch a bad rap but Id rather have regulations than no fish. Now with all that being said, I do believe the regulations need to be within reason and make sense based on accurate, scientific stock assessments and NOT stem from political agendas. The daily limit on my boat for YFT is 1-2 per person or less depending on size even though the legal limit is 3 per person per day. No one needs more tuna than that at a time and if you don't like it you can stay at the dock. I can also tell you that I'll never pack the fish box with an unregulated species such as wahoo, even though IMO it makes the best sushi and grilled fish, its just stupid. To the poster that mentioned the Venice guys setting lower limits on YFT, yes some do but there are still some who will get their customers limit plus the crew limit to make the customer happier. What those guys arent realizing is that when there is no more of an abundance of tuna, there will be no more customers. In this day and age with the boats, gear and electronics that we have at our disposal I firmly believe it has an adverse effect on species population. If you were to eliminate just GPS alone and imagine only having LORAN-C, there would be a lot more "clean ice" coming back to the docks...
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