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Originally Posted by GulfC View Post
Wahoo aren't hugging a reef, they're all around. I see absolutely zero chance they're over-fished.
You're completely wrong and completely right. Wahoo migrate and congregate in certain areas at certain times of the year. I believe that the fish I target from late April - October further to the east are the same fish that are congregating at the shelf rigs (hugging reefs) off LA in the winter. In the summer they are very spread out and difficult to rack up numbers. When everything aligns and you find a large group of fish on a rig in the winter its very deceiving as to how the overall stock is doing. Its the same reason for grouper closures outside 20 fathoms - to protect congregating fish. Wahoo are much more targeted these days than they used to be, largely due to the over-regulation of other species. Stacking 19 on a dock and plastering it all over social media is just asking for eventual over-regulation.

ff to 9:40...
... It's nice to see some young guys that know not to bite the hand that feeds you. I have much more respect for these guys than guys putting 19 on the dock for social media heroism and giving away 80% of it.
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