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Originally Posted by Carolina83 View Post
What size boat? Not judging just curious. Weíve talked about doing Harbour Island or further south to change up from Abacos.

That said...
March 23-30 Elbow Cay
May 25-June 1 Elbow Cay
Pleaee donít judge. Itís not the size of the boat but how well you run it

32í Intrepid... Coconut Grove to Abaco by way of Grand Bahama (WE or Lucaya) on the way over and around the Hole on the way back through the Berryís. If youíve done Abaco, itís nice 35 mile run out of the cut at Little Harbour (Peteís Pub) down to the Hole (donít follow the coast line) and then another 50 miles west to Great Harbour Cay; or out of Little Harbour and a straight 56 mile run to Devilís Backbone with 10 more miles to Valentineís at Harbour Island. Those routes are really nice, especially if you get started early so you can arrive for lunch at either the Berryís or Harbour Island.

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