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Originally Posted by alloyboy View Post
Do you believe that Suzuki or any engine maker would install a crank shaft with corrosion on it?

It is always the engine makers fault isn't it? Everything and anything that can be wrong, for all time, must be the fault of the engine maker.
Generally I don't believe they'd install one with corrosion, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. Look under any new truck coming off the vehicle carrier at a car dealership, the leaf springs and axle will usually be covered in rust.

No one has even established that there is rust on the crank, it's just the dealer's word at this time which I wouldn't trust because they 1) improperly repaired it the first time and 2) seem to be taking a threatening tone with him after he called Suzuki. It seems like they don't want Suzuki poking around in it since they came up with the "sunken boat" story.

Manufacturing defects happen, that's why there's a warranty. I had a 5.9 Cummins in the shop at 4000 miles and that engine is known for extreme reliability. If a seal is going out at 159 hrs then I'd say yes, it is the manufacturer's fault.

It also sounds like Suzuki hasn't looked at it and this "sunk boat" BS is something the dealer came up with. This sounds like a case of a bad dealer, not Suzuki.
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