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Originally Posted by alloyboy View Post
Do you believe that Suzuki or any engine maker would install a crank shaft with corrosion on it?

It is always the engine makers fault isn't it? Everything and anything that can be wrong, for all time, must be the fault of the engine maker.

Suzuki generally errs on the side of the customer when it comes to approving a warranty claim. Or providing good will.

I suspect that we don't have the full story as to the damage, how it occurred, or what the position of Suzuki really is.
I'm not saying that. I'm also not marine mechanic. It just seems far fetched for a sealed crank shaft have rust and pitting. That is the full story. It has 159 hours I bought it with 100 or so. Haven't had issues until now. They do a repair without much hassle. And now the back of my boat was sunk and my crank is bad with rust and the same job that was done a week ago and has failed the exact same way is now my fault. That's my confusion and why I was looking for other opinions. Which is why I started this asking how to contact Suzuki for tech advice. Then my dealer threatening me with a TSM coming down saying if I push for it my warranty will be voided also raised some questions. Like I said the dealer hasn't taken the issue with zuke yet since I just dropped it off today.