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Originally Posted by mystery View Post
How do they know the back of the boat had been sunk? What factual evidence is there?

Where is the leaking oil coming from? Sure its not from simply overfilling? What was the oil level when you checked before you ran it that day?

So the dealer said they "might not" cover it? So weight for them to get a pre-approval answer and if its not covered then deal with it? Right now it seems they are trying to get it covered?

I'm not sure how they claim to know the back of the boat was sunk. I didn't sink and I see know indications it was sunk. The oil is leaking through the crank seal and flywheel is slinging it all over the engine. Not overfilled.
Yes they said they might not. But the way he was talking made it seem like they were going to use that it "sunk" as a way to get out of it. I'm not saying for sure that they wont. I'm just trying to get some info in case they do. I cant get in touch with prior owner.

Did you ever ask the prior owner if it had sunk or had any issues? If so, in writing? If you forgot to ask before buying can you ask now?
Originally Posted by noelm View Post
Before you get any help, you need to stick to facts only, post #18 you said they took pictures, post #28 you say they took no pictures, you said it blew, then you said it leaks oil, you said it was sunk, then you say it wasn't, no one is trying to put you down, but, unless you stick to facts, you will get nowhere.
They took the top cover off and the flywheel and took pictures of the crank seal area and the around it when dropped it off around new years. They did not take pictures during the tear down of the block. Which if they found a rusted pitted crank I would think that they would have done that. Leak/Blew if you look at the pictures I posted it is coming out of the crank seal area at a fast rate. I never said it was sunk. They are claiming it could have been sunk hence the rust on the crank.

Originally Posted by alloyboy View Post
I have not read anything that leads me to believe the dealer is side stepping anything. Dealer simply reported to the OP that Suzuki says the damage is not covered by warranty.

The issue as I see it is that OP is having a difficult time getting in contact with Suzuki to verify what the dealer told him. Probably to argue with Suzuki. Suzuki apparently does not deal directly with customers. Can't say that I blame them. Customers don't want the truth. Customers can't handle the truth.

Why would the dealer not be telling the truth? If Suzuki would cover the repair the dealer would have no reason not to do it. If Suzuki does not cover the repair it is on the back of the owner. Seems this is what the dealer is telling him.
The dealer has yet to report anything to suzuki. being that I dropped it off this morning. I called the 1800 number to talk to a tech advisor just see what effects to look for in a sunk engine or how could a crank get rust and begin to pit. I gave them the ID # and what dealer the boat is at. He said he cant let me talk to anyone in tech that the dealer would have to set it up. Then my dealer called me and said that they know I called Suzuki that if I pushed for a TSM to come out they he would determine that the engine was sunk and void all further warranty work that I shouldn't push for that. I'm not a boat expert but I'm not a mechanical idiot either. IF the outboard had sunk along with the back half of the boat I would think I would have seen some sort of damage on the inside of the boat itself or other major problems with the outboard but I haven't. It runs great. Even just in the one picture I posted would the bolts be rusted? Any kind of corrosion Damage? It all looks clean to me.