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Originally Posted by noelm View Post
I guess you can read and comprehend what you read? The dispute is not that he has an issue, the problem is the dealer trying to side step it, and it appears the owner changing details now and then doesn't help explaining what is going on, you don't come to a public forum looking for sympathy is the entire story is told stating facts.
I have not read anything that leads me to believe the dealer is side stepping anything. Dealer simply reported to the OP that Suzuki says the damage is not covered by warranty.

The issue as I see it is that OP is having a difficult time getting in contact with Suzuki to verify what the dealer told him. Probably to argue with Suzuki. Suzuki apparently does not deal directly with customers. Can't say that I blame them. Customers don't want the truth. Customers can't handle the truth.

Why would the dealer not be telling the truth? If Suzuki would cover the repair the dealer would have no reason not to do it. If Suzuki does not cover the repair it is on the back of the owner. Seems this is what the dealer is telling him.