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Originally Posted by Saltgod View Post
They are claiming that if the rep comes out hes going to find this "evidence" that the boat was sunk. And deny all warranty claims. Even though they just did all the warranty work to replace the seal a week ago. Basically making it seems like they did me a favor the first time. If it had been sunk I think within the last 60 hours of runtime some other issues would have shown up by now.
call them out on it. If the boat wasnt sunk or swamped you've got nothing to hide. Get the rep out there then when he "ok's" the repairs tell him you'd like to go to another authorized repair facility .

being pushy sucks, but getting dicked around sucks way worse. I'm not at all a pushy person but as soon as I smell any type of b.s. unfortunately its gloves off. Get a rep out asap

btw my claim was for a powerhead @140 hrs, 2 yrs old, multiple misdiagnosis. The dealer was saying " are you sure you want us to scan the ecm? " as if I'd done something wrong..... about 95% of the hrs were under 4400 rpm.

rep came out " ok'd " a tear down, then came back and " ok'd" a powerhead.

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