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Originally Posted by Saltgod View Post
Ive got worse suzuki dealers local i travel to this one because its supposedly the best one within 2 hours of me. I had a small leak coming from the crank seal. They said they noticed a few really small spots of rust under the flywheel. They said that it looks like the back of the boat had been sunk before. Im the second owner. They took pictures and did the job. I got the boat back friday. Took it to the lake Sunday and its got oil all over it and leaking down engine. I drop ot off today and am told the crank was "rusted and had pitting" so suzuki might not cover it this time. Which is why im looking for support from zuke. Why would a bad crank be put back into the outboard. Zuke called them asking about the work and the dealer called me back and said if a TSM gets involved it wont be covered because the back of the boat had been sunk.
How do they know the back of the boat had been sunk? What factual evidence is there?

Where is the leaking oil coming from? Sure its not from simply overfilling? What was the oil level when you checked before you ran it that day?

So the dealer said they "might not" cover it? So wait for them to get a pre-approval answer and if its not covered then deal with it? Right now it seems they are trying to get it covered?

Did you ever ask the prior owner if it had sunk or had any issues? If so, in writing? If you forgot to ask before buying can you ask now?

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