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Originally Posted by scarab63 View Post
I had to get a regional rep involved for a zuke warranty claim. If your dealer isn't playing nice ask if they can send a regional rep out to discuss the issues. If that doesn't work toss a lawyer $500 to get someone's attention.

my local dealer implied my new ( purchased elsewhere by me) motor was used because it had blue Suzuki cowl stickers on it ( applied by me ) and said they might have warranty issues....

it's not Suzuki giving you sh1t. It's most likely a dealer issue.
They are claiming that if the rep comes out hes going to find this "evidence" that the boat was sunk. And deny all warranty claims. Even though they just did all the warranty work to replace the seal a week ago. Basically making it seems like they did me a favor the first time. If it had been sunk I think within the last 60 hours of runtime some other issues would have shown up by now.
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