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Wow....talking about hijacking a thread...Damn. About 4 out of 5 of the posts are about the OP's decision to call 911. Really? I must have missed the news of all of the dying children and elderly people because of this. the OP's original question. I had almost the same scenario but wasn't on the bottom. Mine was a Key West #1 with twin Lugger Diesels and ZF running gears. Something happened and the bow started taking in a lot of water and she was going under bow first. I was 1000 miles away and my son-n- aw called me while I was eating at a restaurant. My friend came over and started pumping the water out. Water got up half way on engines and I believe covered the running gears. I changed filters and no permanent damage done.

If I was you I would do what the insurance company says because you don't want them to deny your claim. On top of that I would of course do the usual and change all filters and fluids. Then after about 50 hrs....pull some oil out of the motors and gear boxes and send it out for an analysis. Other than that..besides common sense stuff of cleaning the hell out of the boat and keep an eye on the gauges.
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