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Originally Posted by 74lbSteve View Post
Let's get back to the original question..... I am a marine surveyor. Our firm handled almost 600 claims last year. Lots of sinkings. First question, fresh or salt? Big difference. If salt, what electrical devices were submerged? All will have to be replaced. Wiring connections submerged? Then you have salt water running up the wire. Replace it. Batteries submerged? Replace them. Salt water in the engine room insulation? Replace it. It can quickly become a long list.

As far as your insurance company.... you didn't say who your carrier is. Almost all look out for their insureds. Their surveyor (and it is THEIR surveyor, not yours) can be a big help. But don't expect them to jump in and take charge of fixing your boat. That is your responsibility. Assuming that the event is a covered loss under the terms of your policy, they will reimburse you for the reasonable cost of repairs. They deal in money, not fixing boats.
Thank you for an informative post!

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