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Unless you have a broken hose, the water did not come in thru the bilge hoses. Depending on how heeled over it was the water came over the side and as the tide came up, trapped the water in the hull. Boats with full keels almost always do this. So basically your boat filled with water, but it wasn't holed or sinking.

I would not have run it, but you don't need a surveyor, you need a mechanic. I would not involve insurance.

Calling 911? That's a first. I don't believe that you took away resources from the fire department, but come on really? Clearly you don't know what to do if your boat is taking on water which is something everyone should know. At the dock is one thing, but when out on the water calling 911 isn't going to help you a lot.

Lastly, a sinking boat is NOT an emergency unless there are people on it.

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