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Originally Posted by HuntersDad View Post
great introduction Paul and congratulations on the new Job..
I have found that the easiest place to find information on what is required is the Big Box store (WM).. they have the checklist right at the fire extinguisher, flare area and its super simple. yes I can look up whats required online but that takes work time and I have to write the list down. every year I check flares, flotation devices, radio, first aid kit, etc.. going to WM for the quick things and having that checklist there is super simple.
if you could provide an easily printable version of the USCG required items that would be greatly appreciated. it could be printed, laminated and stored onboard.
It's not really easily printable, but once you read it and determine what's required for your boat it would be pretty easy to make a laminated check sheet. Here are a few ways to get the federal requirements.

Federal Requirements For Recreational Boaters
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