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Default Re: patching drywall?

It is always easier to repair a square or rectangular hole then it is a busted out hole.

Use a utility knife to cut the paper on your drywall wall and your patch and peal the paper off. By doing this it allows for your "paper" tape to be flush with the drywall wall.
*personally I’ve never had any success with the fiber always seems to let go down the road!

For maximum quality finish flare out your “drywall compound” 8" from the size of your patch. IMO there is absolutely zero need for using Durabond......with the above method you are not filling voids, you are only doing a typical drywall seam! Sand the area with a piece of sandpaper mounted to a large block of flat wood - 2 x 4 is good. By using the wood you will create a flat finished will not be waving at you when you are done.
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