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It looks like I can fire off a post here again. I guess in an effort to prevent spammers from coming in on a new account and littering the site with multiple posts, new members are restricted in the number of posts they are allowed for the first few days.

I will eventually address all of your questions. Many of you answered my question about where you get your boating information. The reason I asked is that I want to identify those sources and find a way to imbed messages into those sites. Here's an example. I live in Louisiana. I pick up a brochure the state publishes every year on fishing and boating rules and regulations. It's a pretty big brochure. The first safety specific message that appears in that brochure is on page 60 something. I'd like to see if we can do a little bit better than that.

Here's my way of thinking coming into this, and I welcome your thoughts. If us existing boaters are going to get any boating safety information beyond what we already have, we are typically going to get it from two different places. Media or direct communication. Media includes print (magazines, newspaper, brochures etc.) television and internet media (this forum, facebook, etc.) Direct contact would be perhaps a Power Squadron member at the boat show, a member of the Auxiliary at the boat ramp or a law enforcement officer on the water.

My strategic goals focus on doing a better job through all of the above identified avenues. Television is a tough nut to crack. Improving my personal web page is a much easier undertaking, but it is a challenge to draw people to it. I think the internet gives me an avenue to reach more boaters than I practically can through any other medium and Facebook will be one of the better tools for getting my messages networked. I am sure many of you are members of other forums and of Facebook and boating related groups within Facebook. Let's say I drop a quick article here and on the Facebook group I am going to create. Some people will read it and think, that it was pretty useful. They may share it on another forum or on Facebook and then the whole networking thing starts gaining momentum. That's my hope. I may fall flat on my face on this, but I am willing to give it a go.

Go back and look at the above avenues that I have identified for messaging. Tell me if I missed any and tell me if you think there is a way to better exploit any of them.
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