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Talking Safety Gear Whine

I have a couple of gripes I always wanted to post....

I know these things need to verified on some sort of schedule. We all want them to work when needed but it feels that its just another way to gaff the boating community.
If we want safety gear to be pervasive, we need to ensure you don't have to give up and arm and a leg every few years just to have it.

Why doesn't the Coast Guard actively lobby for:
1.) Flare manufacturers to set realistic expiration dates on flares, safety flare guns etc. It seems like the manufacturers set expiration dates quite short to extract as much money as they can from boaters. This safety gear is the biggest racket going. I've had 20 year old flares that work just fine. What is the plan for expired flares? Seems like nobody accepts them anymore.
2.) EPIRB and PLB manufacturers to price battery replacements fairly. The PLB batteries are in one case uses a clunky (3) CR123 lithium gang cell that they want $100 to replace. EPIRBs are worse.
3.) Raft repacking. Yet another high priced scam by manufacturers to require testing and repacking on extremely short windows.

Just feels like you don't even get kissed anymore with a boat....
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