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Default Re: patching drywall?

How far apart are the holes?

I've found that sometimes, if there are enough and they're concentrated with a 4x8 or two sheets of rock, it might be worth ripping it all down and re-rocking it. Taping one joint is a hell of a lot easier than patching holes (take it from someone who was in charge of fixing the college apartment for my rowdy roommates.)

Where are the holes, out in the open? That's another reason to consider re-rocking that area is no matter how you feather it, in hte right light with even eggshell paint, you'll see the bumps.

But if you're going to patch the holes, you can also take pieces of wood lathe (or paint stirring sticks in a pinch), slide them up inside the hole so they're extended about 2-3" on either side and screw them thru the rock. Make sure you leave enough overlap for your patch to get some screw to bite. Do top and bottom, cut your patch to the size of the hole, set it in, screw it into the lathe, then mud, tape, etc.

If replacing a whole sheet isn't reasonable, can you cover a bunch of holes with a sheet. For example, take a 2x4 piece of rock and take care of a few at one time.

In the end, the bigger the piece you can replace, the better off you are. And remember to feather out the mud wide on your finish coats so it blends better. You don't want there to be a ridge you have to sand off at the end.