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Originally Posted by USCG Safe Boating D8 View Post
Let me use this introductory thread to ask you a question. The answers to this question will help me know where to focus much of my effort.

Where do you get boating safety information? I tend to view things through the prism of my own life and experiences, but I may be missing something. Let me refine the question a bit. Boating safety is obviously my job, so I spend a lot of time actively seeking it out. How would the average boater who doesn't seek it out get exposed to recreational boating information of an educational value..
My father made me and my brother take a USCG Aux boating safety class when we were early teenagers, he had just gotten the family our 2nd boat.
I still remember and use much of that info even though it was 40 years ago.

Ongoing knowledge - THT of course.
Everyone here is Expert Level.

Ongoing - reading - anything relevant.
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