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Originally Posted by R Days View Post
Make sure that you are within towing specs and truck is licensed for proper weight towing or you could have issues with insurance claim if an accident occurs.
Well stated.

The fact is that you can tow 8000 lbs if the truck is rated to tow that much and you're the only thing in it. If you have 4 people in the rig with you then you need to subtract the dead weight from the tow capacity.

All that said, the limiting factor for most trucks is the tongue weight rating. That's where the manufacturer gets you. When you dive deep enough into the manual it'll tell you that you can have a max tongue weight of say 700 lbs, and that has to be at least 10% of the gross trailer weight... Which means you can only tow 7000 lbs on the factory hitch ...unless you add a weight distributing hitch.

This is why I always laugh when I see the commercials touting max tow weight. They should really give 2 ratings...theoretical max tow rating, and realistic max tow rating.
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