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Originally Posted by seachicken27 View Post
I agree you get what you pay for, but take a look at basically every owens and sons trailer out there and see if you can find any unhappy owners... They are well-made and almost every one I have seen has bunks that extend past the I-beams. (Disclaimer: the trailer I was referring to with that 24 was a magic tilt (junk))
I would have bet on what brand you were going to put out there to compare to. I almost went with the O&S. After I studied how the boat was supported and ground clearance, I went with Ameratrail. Its the only trailer I own that I can back in my driveway where there should be a culvert but not! I drop my 300's to the second set of trim rams and don't even get close. It has outside and inside bunks as well as front bunks. Since the bunks don't sit on the main frame rails, the boat is mounted lower in the trailer allowing the frame rails to have more ground clearance. As I have said a couple times It's what you prefer and my opinion...

I pull all over the state and hate having issues. This has been the best trailer I have ever owned to pull, launch and retrieve the boat. With the 16" Michelin XPS, I don't even have to worry, set the cruise at 70-75 and drive on! I strap the crap outta my boat to the trailer. Not only does strapping properly make it safer for everyone, it makes a more one to one connection from boat to trailer so it even rides better.

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