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Originally Posted by Diverboy View Post
Now, if only the Pub could produce better food......

It's unfortunate, we only live a few minutes from there and there docking availability is great on a normal weekend. 1st time we went, we were disappointed, but thought everyone is due a bad day, so we thought we would give it another shot. 2nd time around, my wife said nope, there won't be a 3rd time.....great to stop by for a cold beverage, but not much more than that. Was excited when Caddy's took over and hoped for a better experience, but it was not to was marginally better, but not much.

Should be a great time this weekend though as the focus will be on the festivities and cold beverages.......
I agree it's not Saltrock but we have not had an experience with the food like you have.

We go once a month during the season and while it's not fine dining it is what it is. We were just ther with a group of eight two weeks ago and everybody was satisfied with their meals.

I know we won't be getting food service at Saturday's event so we will be packing the crews lunch!