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Originally Posted by Smitty777 View Post
So I have Direct-TV so I can use the app on the TV and watch it like I would on my phone?
With DirectTV I log into my account and can stream about every channel that I have in my package. I spent the past couple years at the lake and that was how I watched TV there. Also many channels let you stream direct from their channel page with a provider login.. Motor Trend, HGTV, Fox Sports, NBC Sports..

The only pain was that I could not get local channels and sometimes a race or a game was only available on, say big Fox or big NBC. CBS broadcasts were always a pain and required a more creative approach.

Freedbaby, I am back in Texas now and looking to replace the three old TVs in the garage with one large one. Although not technically outside (Garage/Texas Redneck Rec Room), I wondered about TV selection in regards to environmental concerns. A 60" X 30" TV would replace two of the old TVs.

I am wondering what to consider in choosing a TV that suites the rec room purpose and survives the garage environment. Same kind of concerns a patio television presents.