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So the tv is up but a couple things.

the electrician didn’t put the plug where I asked him to so now I gotta figure out what to do there....kinda irritated and I assure you the way it is now is NOT going to work for me.

Secondly, I got a fire stick and while yes you can open most apps with your X-finity account, there is no X-finity app you can download at least not on apple or amazon. Apparently Roku and Samsung are the only partners that you can download that particular app. It would be fine the way it is if all the stations worked....but of course it’s not that easy. CBS is one of them....can’t open with your X-finity app so I had to go out and get an antenna lol.

why does all this shit have to be so GD complicated. I pay for a service, why can’t they just effing make it easy.

we did watch football last night on the patio with the heater going so that was fun but I gotta figure this shit out. I am NOT a techy kind of a fella.