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Originally Posted by 76 Mako 23 View Post
There have been a few threads on the topic but they don’t really take off. Brand new boat on the way and trying to figure out if the high cost is worth it or not.

Who has had it done? Do you like it? Would you do it again? Worth the money and who did it?

Some seem to love it others not so much. My limited research shows it’s all about the prep and products.

Not all ceramic coatings are equal. There is a comprehensive overview of the process in this article, including materials used, by a professional. Even on a new boat, you still need to prepare the surface.

In my opinion, a proper ceramic coating will outlast a wax, and be more durable in respect to scratches and water spots. The cost is very much to do with the labor, so a good preparation and waxing vs a preparation and ceramic coating, are both time consuming, with a small difference in cost.

Before and after, from the article:
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