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I have the 4 oz bottle which I needed two. Looks like they have a new 8oz for a little less. Get a few of the foam applicator pads and some latex gloves. U can pick up the heavy duty citrus cleaner at lowes and rubbing alcohol at homedepot. Ill be coating our new 36 next week.

Itís great that thereís some folks self installing coatings now, itís better for the industry when consumers are realizing the benefits, regardless of who is installing them. They key is that itís done right.
That having been said, It is not suggested to use IPA prior to a coating installation. Youíre going to get better results using a product meant to prep the surface for a coating. I use IGL Precoat since Iím an authorized IGL coatings installer but products like CarPro Eraser or, even better, GTechniq panel wipe are great and can be purchased by the end user. IPA removes contamination & polishing oils but they can be redeposited by the towel during the wipedown. The specialty chemicals include a cleanser that helps to prevent that from occurring. Yes, IPA is cheaper and can work ok but for the small cost, itís worth using the right stuff to ensure the longevity of the coating. Usually when a coating fails, itís because of the prep and often times, ipa wipe-downs are the culprit.
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