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Default Gasparilla Lite...for those that have been there/done that! ***Event Updates***

Last year we caught a story in the local beach rag about a group of ''Pirates'' that decided that the Tampa Gasparilla Invasion was too much to endure so they started Gasparilla Lite.

We had all of our old Pirate garb for the boat and our crew tucked away neatly in a bin in the attic and thought that we would check it out.

We arrived all decked out at the prescribed meeting place, Bellaire Causeway Bridge, to find a couple of dozen boats lining up! Pretty decent turnout for a fledgling event.

We all formed into a haphazard line and proceeded south towards The Pub restaurant. Once we arrived at The Pub we invaded! What a great time that was.

The new owners (Caddy's) did not expect the large turnout and were thoroughly taken by surprised. They accommodated the huge flotilla as best they could and when all the food was eaten, and the grog was sucked down we headed towards Indian Rocks. We quickly overwhelmed the municipal docks and walked into the village to plunder. Couple of hours of that nonsense and we boarded our vessels and headed for home port.

Left our dock in Madeira Beach around 11am and were home by 4!

Had enough Gasparilla to satisfy everyone's needs and discussed next years participation...well it's now next year!

Here is the link to the event Facebook page and the event coordinators phone number.

If you want to taste the spirit of Gasparilla without the mayhem of the Tampa Invasion, give it a try!

Look for ARRR Boat, we'll be out there!

Saturday January 26, 2019
Caddy's Pub will be ready this year and they have events scheduled for the day.

Here is the link to th2e Party Pirates On The Rocks Facebook page:


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