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Originally Posted by mattylight View Post
Crossing over first weekend in June. Staying at sands. Will be out first trip over. Anyone else planning on heading over the same weekend? Would be nice to have a buddy boat, but from what I can tell I'm sure there will be plenty of boat traffic on any given day during the summer.

Any information on fishing regulations? I hear things change by the year in the Bahamas.

Also, that infamous checklist if anyone has one. Thanks guys!
I'm not an expert on fishing regs. And, honestly, I wouldn't worry toooo much about the Bahamian fishing regs other than not taking lobster out of season (which tons of people do anyways), and making sure you don't fish in no-fishing zones (I don't know of any around Bimini).

I'd be more worried about when you cross back into US waters.

And, if you're talking about my checklist, I'm happy to share if you PM me an email address. It's nothing professional and it's tailored to my boat and fishing, but it may at least make you think of a few things that you may have otherwise overlooked.

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