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Brett1, man let me start by saying you will be in my prayers and thoughts and I am dead serious about this

Took a LOT for you to come on THT and tell us your issues but for some unknown reason we are kind of like family on here even thought most of us have never looked each other in the eyes

I have a very close friend now that has 2 college age children, the youngest (very pretty young lady) just had oral surgery in office where my wife works. Both parents were/are not wanting to give her the prescription pain killers due to his wife biological Dad (passed away from years of drug and alcohol abuse) and his side of family have extreme addiction issues. To me it did not make sense but wife told these are issues are very true and said I would be shocked at how many people come see her Dr just to try and get oxycodine and some others.

Good luck with your battle, we watched my wife’s Uncle (who was only 1 yr older than me) battle it all his life . He finally moved away from town he grew up on and started going to church with some coworkers and it truly changed his life. He told me it was a constant and daily battle that he would fight until he died . Unfortunately he was hit hard with live cancer and died a few yeas ago before he even hit 50, how he lived that long I will never know.

I am not here to preach to you but just stop and think and good luck with your recovery, like most have said it truly takes someone that is willing to fight this to come on here and spell it all out . Good luck man from bottom of my heart I mean it

Prayers sent already
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