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Originally Posted by triumphrick View Post
I commented on your other you have a pretty good idea I have fought through some tough years.

Cunning, baffling and powerful...not everyone understands the constant tug of war to stay sober. Early years of sobriety are hell.

Not many make it. I am grateful to be someone who has been sober for a while now. It does get easier, I can tell you that much.

Good luck and be careful. Many of us want you to pull through.
Cunning, baffling and powerful.... you get it. The big book is such an incredible tool for sobriety. 1935 and they laid out a path for anyone who is suffering to attain long term sobriety. Some say cultish but I say what is better, dying from an OD or pouring myself into recovery? Ask my boys. They are recovery experts. They are not sure how it happens but they love the end result. I get the deepest, longest hugs with almost tearful "I love you" from them. Dad is back and in many ways better than ever. I always go back to the saying in treatment...."this is a program of action, not words". I am all in, all the time. Can I guarantee my long term sobriety? Nope. All I can do is work my ass off in recovery and lean on my community of fellow addicts in recovery to hold me up when I get weak.

I love you guys/girls and thank you for the support. Maybe just maybe we can just touch the life of other members and help save someone.

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