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Interesting story, no two are ever truly alike as are no two people are alike.
Mine is drinking, first 45 years of my life, the last 13 sober.
I have dated and currently date two (Not at the same time) women whom had opiate and heroin addiction. (Nasty stuff). Lies, stealing, manipulation, etc.
I had an employee commit suicide because of it (last year), a close friend died from it, (Drank himself to death, all the while lying to himself, family and friends), this year.
Both alcohol and drugs are addictions, the similarities stop there.
Everyone has thoughts on the path to sobriety and how to stay the course, each way works differently for each person. Religion, counseling, etc.
I applaud and congratulate you on your first 120 days of sobriety, however, it's just the beginning.
The first year of my sobriety, I was (maybe I still am) a complete and certified Azz Whole. I had two (2) friends survive that with me, two (2).
To this day I try and help, some you can, some you cannot, most important right now is focus on yourself.
Are you going to be a 1%r--------? And, we are not talking money here.
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