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Originally Posted by polarred21 View Post
Pretty awesome skills you express here Don. Thanks for sharing. I used to have that much patience and try to tell my self I still do. I would to love to get into guitar building, maybe when I retire.

As for my first mentioned Epiphone that I purchased almost 4 years ago, here is the pic from the CL ad, got all of this from a high school skid for $400, I was pretty stoked, still am.

Beautiful. The sunburst is the most appealing color combo for Les Pauls IMO. When I first set my mind to buy a Gibson Les Paul, there was no doubt that it would be nothing other than a sunburst. I love that guitar and it's amazing how heavy that mahogany is. Small price to pay, though (not the guitar itself lool!) to get that classic, Les Paul sound.
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