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Originally Posted by Mata Peje View Post
REALLY ? My Fender "Select" made in USA pictured / Custom Shop comparable the MSRP / LIST was $3499 when on sale it was $2795-$2495 -if you could find one, limited edition & were hard to get. They sell for aproxx $2000 USED !

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The term "production" is used to refer to the mass produced model lines like the one I specifically mentioned in my post. Ie. American standard.

Fender custom shop is a whole different ball game. And yes, I'm well aware of custom shop prices.

Fender does the same thing as PRS, Gibson, and I'm sure other brands do as well. They have their mass produced ie "production" guitars, then they have their premium line which in the case of Fender and Gibson, they're referred to as Custom Shop.

I'm sure your custom shop tele is a dream to play and without a doubt it certainly is a beautiful guitar (I admire your taste btw), but the point I was trying to make earlier in this thread is that I don't see a big difference between the MIM Fender guitars and the other mass produced USA lines such as the American standard, Anerican special, or any other non-Custom shop Fenders.
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