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Originally Posted by Brad1 View Post
USA made production Fenders are $1,000 to $1,500, not $2,500 to 3,000. The Fender guitars I'm referring to are from the American Standard line. They were about $1,000 at the time. I believe they've since changed the name of that line to American Professional, and raised the price.

They did the fret level for me free of charge as part of the setup. The frets were perfect after that. Well, until I wore them flat down to the fretboard after about 4 yrs of playing. Lol. I bought two of them back then and they both needed the same fret treatment.

I would never pay $2,500 to $3,000 for a modern Fender when I can buy a Suhr or an Anderson for that price. Suhr frets are perfect (they use a plek machine) and stay perfect since they're stainless, not nickle.
REALLY ? My Fender "Select" made in USA pictured / Custom Shop comparable the MSRP / LIST was $3499 when on sale it was $2795-$2495 -if you could find one, limited edition & were hard to get. They sell for aproxx $2000 USED !

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