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Originally Posted by polarred21 View Post
got Very nice collections of guitars posted here..keep 'em coming!

Many thanks for the good advice on American vs. MIM Vs. China. Here is my .02....

When I started this thing 4 years ago I really really wanted an American made Gibson Les Paul. I found out very quickly that the price point compared to the Chinese Epiphone and at my beginner level, that was not going to happen. I told myself if I EVER were to perform anywhere, I would treat myself to such a nice piece. This hobby is WAY LESS expensive than boating!!

I just my MIM telecaster back yesterday after a setup and new strings. This is a new guitar but must have been a demo and some frets needed leveling. I am totally good with this, knowing that a tech I trust has gone through and gave me the best advice and a good playing guitar.
So on that note the difference between a $500 tele and a $1500 tele, leaves me a mountain of $$ room for upgrades, correct? Just my.02.

Rock on fellas
Congratulations !

I wouldn't say a mountain of $. Don't go sinking $1,000 on upgrades into it. If it stays in tune and you like the sound of the pickups, then there's really no need to spend any $ on it. Just enjoy playing it. And if it doesn't stay in tune well, get a little nut work. If you want a different tone out of it, there are tons of pickup options out there.

Locking tuners are nice. I like them because they really speed up the time to do a string change. I can change and stretch the strings on my guitars with locking tuners in 15 minutes.
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