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Gear reduction is a must, I like/love brushless motors because of the how much more power and less heat they can produce. Controllers are not that expensive, and even larger motors push 1000 watts of power are very cheap, in fact cheap enough that you may even buy a few then just toss one out and put the new one in when it starts to fail. which depending on your design and use coud be quick or quick some time. I have thought about doing this but the mechanical design has held me off.

Just for fun, look at some RC sites for motors and controllers. Hobbyking is one for example.
Here is one such motor, Note this is a outrunner style which is higher torque and lower RPM. While it is peak rated at 8000 watts, I think a basic design would be under half that for continuos use.

Say 3000-4000 under load. You could integrate a speed controller that would let you come up slow or fast, as well as monitor the Watts to ensure you bring that weight/fish up at a speed which will not over work your setup.

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