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Originally Posted by Brad1 View Post
Here's my pair of Tele's (well, one's not technically a Tele) surrounded by my primary S style guitars. The actual Fender Tele (the natural finish one) is a genuine (not a reissue) '72 Thinline. It's the only guitar that I've ever kept long-term. I bought it 38 years ago for $50. I see them selling now for anywhere from $3,500 to $6,000. The black one is a Suhr Alt T Pro. I bought it because I'd rather not gig with the Fender Tele any longer due to it being a collectible guitar. The two might look the same, but there are many significant differences. Fretboard radius (compound 9-12 on the Suhr, vs. 7.5 on the Fender), the Suhr's all have stainless frets (I was going broke shelling out $400 every other year for refrets) and coil splitting of the humbuckers. The red and green guitars are Suhr Classic Antiques. They are identical spec wise, though I had to have the green one custom made because that model of guitar had changed before I had bought it and I didn't like some of the things about the newer ones.

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