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Originally Posted by Mata Peje View Post
My .02 pass on all the MIM's you get what you plaaaaay for..................I just don't find the quality to be there / spend the extra $$$ buy AMERICAN MADE & you won't be disappointed, much better investment in the long run & always easier to unload if need be. Same with many EPPI's mine is an older made in KOREA model, night & day quality & sound vs made in CHINA. Do your homework..............AXES UP !
I got news for you, the American made Fenders aren't all that great either. At least not the production ones. Low grade fret material, poor fret leveling, low grade wood, and finish so thick (to make them look good) that it strangles all the sonic resonance out of the guitar. They are not the same guitars that made Fender famous. Perhaps the custom shop ones are, but definately not the production ones. I don't care if it's made in the USA or Mexico.

I have a couple late model Fenders for around the home practice use, or for back up or "guest" guitars. In every case, they needed a fret level when they were brand new, right off the rack. Then after a couple years if playing, the frets are worn down to nothing. After one hour of practice, my finger tips look like I rubbed a #2 pencil all over them. They're black from fret wear.
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