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Originally Posted by polarred21 View Post
My first electric was an Epiphone Les Paul with dual humbuckers and using a Fender Mustang II modeling amp. Haven't really played it much at all these past 3 years.

Looking for simpler. I think I was just overwhelmed with this combo in the beginning, but I've come a long way.

I really tend to gravitate towards the more clean electric sound which tends to push me back towards acoustics.

So I decided I was in the market for a telecaster and treated myself to a new 2017 MIM Fender Standard. I also
went the extra mile and bought my first tube amp, a Fender Blues Junior IV.

They really sound great together and the Les Paul really growls though this new amp. The tele needs some work so I dropped it off yesterday to get a setup.

My first Telecaster!!!

My first Stratocaster!!
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