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Originally Posted by Riptied View Post
By know we've all read about folks most painful Medical Procedure they have endured.

Didn't want to side track that thread so post up what's the Worse injury you have ever sustained.

Many, many years ago, was in a bar minding my own business enjoying the evening.

After my ordering my 3rd drink of the evening some SCUMBAG comes over with a Highball drink glass and sucker slams this glass into face from behind me.

The HB drinking glass busts on the rim as it hits my face and proceeds to crumble as it continues down my mug ripping my face wide open from the top of an eye, cutting the eye in half and fileting the rest of my face WIDE open.

After addressing this POS' issue, (yes, I beat the living hell out of that POS and the bouncers grabbed me. ) off to the hospital I went not realizing how badly injured I was and a good thing to as I literally passed out due to blood lose as I walked through ER doors.

Initial surgery, 2 more surgeries (plastic surgery) & complete lose of an eye.

Dr. wanted to cut the eye out.
My house mates girl friend showed up before the surgery and Dr. asks for permission to remove the eye since she has a limited POA on me and I'm unconscious in a state of Coma.
She refused to allow the removal and told the Dr. if he removes that eye without "MY" consent he better never come to see me afterwards........................... Surgeon left the dead eye in.
Surgeon later told me that no more damage could have been done if I was shot in the face with a shotgun.
Assuming he meant with bird shot, 00 buck would have taken my head off.

To this day I don't have a clue why this POS sucker punched me with that glass from behind as I had never seen this person before in my entire life nor had I ever spoken to him.

9 months later I contacted the DA's office wanting to know why this POS wasn't in jail?
Behind closed doors I was informed he was a informant for the DEA and the DA's office was ordered to Not prosecute.

This clown gets away Scott free after damn near killing and mutilating my face???

It's a GOOD thing I never seen that POS again or I'd be posting this from a prison cell.

Also found out this POS had done a few other really messed up things, 1 of which was to a sheriff deputy (felony- agg. battery with a firearm) and walked Scott free on that as well.
POS and his girlfriend were at a different bar 6 months prior to my incident.
They get into a cat/dog fight, are thrown into the parking lot.
Still going at it when deputies show up.
One deputy grabs her, the other deputy grabs him.
He tries to disarm the deputy of his sidearm.
During the struggle the gun goes off and the deputy gets shot through the foot.

POS goes to jail but is back on the streets within 48 hr.'s.
He goes to court and all charges are nolo prosecuted.
Again, this was due to orders from High Command at the federal level of the DEA.

In all honesty, this type of individual belongs in the dirt permanently which he more than like ended up sooner than later considering the type of people he was setting up for the DEA.

To this day I have never stepped back into another bar since then.

So what's the worse injury you have ever sustained in your life?

Her name was close to Buella Breaker...