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J&R's is probably one if not the best places to buy your cigars. If you get a chance and are on I-95 stop at there store in NC. Otherwise their mailorder is the way to go. There stock is so large, and they have warehouse humidors, that you are getting what you want. Thompsons I would not consider unless I wanted machine made cigars (Never.) As for Cubans, be carefull where you order them from. 1. Half the time they are knockoffs. 2. A quarter of the time they are rebanded cheap cuban cigars made with scraps, and the other quarter of the times, they are dried out garbage. IF you get them from Japan, Aruba, The Bahamas or Canada, half the time Customs will seize them from you, or worst. With so many good/ great hand rolled Dominican cigars, why would you want the Cubans, unless you are looking to self medicate yourself with the Cuban Cigar tobacco that contain the Lithium transfered from the soil to the tobacco.

Lithium in pharmacology refers to the lithium ion, Li+, used as a drug. Lithium is administered in a number of chemical salts of lithium, which are used primarily in the treatment of bipolar disorder as mood stabilizing drugs. They are also sometimes used to treat depression and mania. Lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), sold as Carbolith®, Cibalith-S®, Duralith®, Eskalith®, Lithane®, Lithizine®, Lithobid®, Lithonate®, Lithotabs® and Maniprex®, is the most commonly prescribed, whilst the citrate salt lithium citrate (Li3C6H5O7), the sulfate salt lithium