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16 years old and trying to get into the pants of this hot little blond down the street. They had a big barn at the back of the property that had a roof leak. Well of course, I was the man for the job. Get me some tools and managed to get onto the 20 foot high roof with no ladder. Go to banging around on this tin roof and a huge cotton mouth drops out a cypress tree onto the peak of the roof and is sliding down the tin right towards. This ain't gonna work!

Attempted to exit the roof via a jump to a big tree and didn't make it. Fell into a pole and knocked myself out on the way down which was in a 10 foot high chain link fence. Hung my right arm on the top of those forks of the chain link and it impaled me from just below the bicep and ripped until my elbow stopped the tearing. Came to looking down at the puddle of blood on the ground underneath me. Manage to get off it and took off towards the house yelling for help. Passed out at the door steps to awake in the hospital. Lots of units of blood and a bunch of stitches and still have the scar, a bad one.

The bad part is I never got any of that ass.
The good part was I didn't get snake bit either.