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June 24th 2011 a coworker slept in the building where we worked and I was the first to arrive that day. I had an early service call (mechanic) and when I was closing the shop door after loading my work truck, he snuck out of a corner storage closet and shot me point plank range with a 357 mag. Bullet entered my right shoulder just above the head of my humerus, went through my acromion lengthwise. Bounced off my spine leaving 3 fractures and lodged in my left scapula where it lies today.
Doctor in the ER said I'd never use my right arm again, I said find me another doctor, that doesn't work for me. 3 bone grafts and some titanium later, I have 90% or so range of motion and nearly full strength. Titanium plate hurts like hell when it gets cold since its just under the skin..
The guy who did it gets out of prison 2 weeks from tomorrow, I expect it will be a stressful time for awhile, certainly for my wife anyway. Anyway, as another poster said, life goes on!